Testing and Setup egabi learn participated in conducting GFMIS Project for automating 1600 Egyptian accounting unit.
This Project was funded by the Ministry of Finance aiming to

  • 1-    Control the budget allocation for all the accounting units.
  • 2-    Monitor the Status of the governmental expenditures and earnings.
  • 3-    Raise the efficiency of the governmental  accounting staff
  • 4-    Unifying the financial  Reports structure and shape overall the Egyptian government

egabi has successfully conducted 4 rollout waves  in one Year  including a large number of governmental sites  like :

  •     Ministry of High Education (Logo)
  •     Ministry of  Education (Logo)
  •     Egyptian customs Authority (Logo)
  •     Egyptian Taxes Authority (Logo)
  •     Alexandria University  (Logo)

The Activities in GFMIS project:

1-    Training on the main Applications

  •     All egabi Rollout team is well trained  to use  the main Application
  •     Rollout training including custom data
  •     Rollout training including Business Cases
  •     Awareness of Rollout Vision for total Link

2-     Rollout Map Resources all over Sites

  •     Study the Roadmap for all Sites
  •     Size the sites End user Experience and IT Awareness
  •     Allocate all Rollout teams to sites depend on the
  •     End user Experience and Awareness of IT
  •     Perform Quality Checks
  •     Document potential enhancements

3-    Testing and Setup

  •     Installations of The Applications
  •     Installations of any prerequisite Applications Diagnose all Hardware Activities
  •     Diagnose all Connection Activities

4-     Live Data Entry with open balances

  •     Master data gathering and prepartion
  •     guide and follow up the end user during Data entry
  •     Help in solving any strange business case and release any unexpected problem during life entry
  •     Finalizing data upload and live transactions
  •     all key & End user conduct Pilot  covers a percentage of a total transactions for the Enterprise